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AutoFast Fleet Services

With our new fleet services, we can bring the AutoFast service to your organization’s auto repair services and it comes with great discounts.

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Why fleet maintenance with AutoFast?

Fleet maintenance is the process of keeping all of your organization’s vehicles in good working condition so they can perform optimally and safely.  Fleet maintenance accounts for a huge cost if the fleet manager fails to schedule maintenance when due. AutoFast fleet maintenance program focuses on preventive maintenance so as to ensure that your fleet is in good shape using quality parts. Over the years, AutoFast has maintained both huge and small fleets for its customers setting it out as the best fleet maintenance company in Nigeria. AutoFast has a network across Lagos and Abuja which gives its customer accessibility and convenience to choose the location of their choice to send their vehicle for maintenance.  We have different packages depending on your fleet needs.

Benefits of fleet maintenance

Lower costs of repairs

Lower operational costs

Better testing & inspection outcome

Vehicles in Ever Superb Condition

Maintains the Resale Value

Enhances Compliance with Environmental Regulations


Throughout the years, there have been recurring questions that fleet managers ask as to how they can manage their fleet maintenance costs and other related issues. Below we offer expert advice for the frequently asked questions.

Ensuring that your vehicle is checked and serviced as at when due as well as using quality parts is a key to reducing heavy repair costs.

Fleets as low as five (5) and as high as Five Thousand (5,000) can be onboarded on our platform.

Our onboarding process simply requires you to fill out the KYC form and after which we will contact you if we need additional information.

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Talk to us about your fleet service needs, a service agent will be in touch to discuss how best to serve you.

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