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Oil Change

The engine oil of your vehicle serves as the life and bloodline of your engine, and without it, there are chances that so many things could go wrong. An excellent engine oil does more for an engine than simple lubrication. It provides cooling, cleanses, removes wear particles, increases gas mileage and promotes vehicle longevity. 

You can only enjoy all of these benefits if you regularly change your engine oil and filter.

Consult our AutoFast professionals today for your oil change.

Lube & Maintenance

An important part of routine car maintenance is changing the oil regularly. The engine oil is what lubricates a vehicle and allows it to operate smoothly. You should as a matter of tradition maintain your car engine by changing the oil and using the appropriate or recommended oil for your vehicle make and model.

Benefits of a regular oil change include:

  • Promotes vehicle longevity
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Removes engine wear particles and sludge
  • Cools engine components
  • Maintains engine lubrication


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