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Coolant Top Up & Replacement

As your coolant efficiency level drops, the implication is that your engine would not be able to stay cool as efficiently as possible. Over time, this can create a problem for your engine which in turn will cost you more.

What are the symptoms?

  • Rising temperature gauge.
  • The smell of coolant.
  • Increased fuel consumption.

To fix it, visit professional technicians in any of our AutoFast service stations nearest to you.

Radiator Cap Check & Maintenance

Radiator cap adds a bit of cooling efficiency to your car. It gives extra insurance against engine failure. The symptoms below may reveal that you have a bad radiator:

  • Air inside the cooling system
  • Overheated engine
  • Radiator hose collapses
  • Overflowing reservoir

The best way to fix this is by visiting any of our AutoFast service centres closest to you for professional diagnosis and repairs.

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