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Battery Check & Replacement

It is disappointing to get into your vehicle, ready to go out and turn on your ignition; only to hear a cranky noise from your vehicle engine. Oops! Your battery is dead.

This could be avoided with a regular battery checkup at our service station nearest to you. The battery is one of the most important part of an electrical system, therefore it should be given proper attention.

Take advantage of our AutoFast free battery check today.

Electrical Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have two main functions: to ignite the air/fuel mixture and to remove heat from the combustion chamber.

Certain symptoms point to the fact that your spark plugs are due for replacement. According to experts, you should check your spark plugs regularly and they should be replaced at prescribed duration or kilometres covered. 

A quality or original spark plug ensures easy and reliable starting of your car and also improves fuel economy.

If you feel the symptoms that occur when your spark plug wears out, you must realize that it is time to get your spark plug replaced.

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