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Oil Change

Your vehicle engine oil serves as the life and bloodline of your engine, without it, there are chances that so many things could go wrong. Engine oil does much more for an engine than lubricate. It provides cooling, cleaning, removes wear particles, increases gas mileage and promotes vehicle longevity. 

You can only enjoy all of these benefits if you regularly change your engine oil and filter.

Consult professionals like ours today for your oil change.

General Maintenance

An important part of routine car maintenance is changing the oil regularly. The engine oil is what lubricates a vehicle and allows it to operate smoothly. You should as a matter of tradition maintain your car engine by changing the oil and using the appropriate or recommended oil for your vehicle make and model.

Benefits of a regular oil change include:

  • Promotes vehicle longevity
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Removes engine wear particles and sludge
  • Cools engine components
  • Maintains engine lubrication

Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are aspects that should be given due consideration. They contribute significantly to the lifespan of a tyre and are crucial to road safety.

Here are the dangers of driving unbalanced wheels; Unbalanced wheels increase the need for extra energy and can cut down on the mileage of the vehicle. If wheels are not properly aligned it can lead to premature wearing of your tires. Steering components can be damaged while parts can be damaged in extreme cases. Unbalanced wheels can place much stress on the wheel bearing and the suspension components.

Once these symptoms are identified, approaching a professional technician is the best bet and our professionals are right here to serve you in the best way possible.

Gas Replacement & Top Up

Nothing can be more frustrating when you step into your vehicle on a hot day, only to be greeted with stuffy air, sweating profusely even when your air conditioning is turned on to a full blast.

This should call for the attention of a professional technician from AutoFast to inspect the root cause of the problem.

Often time, a drop in Aircon gas even at 10% can lead to the elimination of clean cold air in your vehicle.

Aircon gas top-up is required as soon as possible if you notice a drop in level.

Compressor Oil & Replacement

Maintaining your air compressor is a necessary step for ensuring longevity and optimum performance of your air-conditioning machine and like any mechanical system, it is important to ensure that your air conditioning system stays lubricated. Failure to do so can lead to incessant breakdowns which could cost more financial resources to fix. Always carry out routine maintenance on your compressor at least once a year or based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Coolant Top Up & Replacement

As your coolant efficiency level drops, the implication is that your engine won’t be able to stay cool as efficiently as it used to. Over time, this can create a problem for your engine which in turn will cost you more.

What are the symptoms?

  • Rising temperature gauge
  • A sweet odour (the smell of coolant)
  • Increased fuel consumption.

To fix it, visit professional technicians in any of our service stations nearest to you.

Radiator Cap Check & Maintenance

Radiator Cap adds a bit of cooling efficiency to your car. It gives extra insurance against engine failure.

  • The air inside the Cooling System
  • Overheated Engine
  • Radiator Hose Collapses
  • Overflowing Reservoir

You may have a bad radiator if you experience any of the above symptoms. The best way to fix it is by visiting any of our services centre closest to you for professional diagnosis and repairs.

Battery Check & Replacement

There is nothing as frustrating as getting into your vehicle, ready to go somewhere, only to turn on your ignition, or hear a cranky noise from your vehicle engine. Oops! Your battery is dead.

This could have been avoided with a regular battery check with our professionals at a service station nearest to you.

The battery is the most important part of an electrical system and should be given attention.

Take advantage of our free battery check today.

Electrical Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have two main functions. To ignite the air/fuel mixture and to remove heat from the combustion chamber.

Certain symptoms point you to understanding that your spark plugs are due for replacement. According to expert your spark plug should be replaced at prescribed duration or kilometer covered. 

A quality or original spark plug ensures easy and reliable starting of your car and also improve fuel economy.

Certain symptoms will make you realize that your spark plugs need to be changed. According to experts, you must check and/or replace the spark plug of your vehicle regularly. This helps in ensuring an easy and reliable start while improving fuel economy.

If you feel the symptoms that occur when your spark plug wears out, you must realize that it is time to get your spark plug replaced.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The cabin air filter ensures that the interior air coming from the air-conditioning system is clean. The cabin air filter catches dust, pollen and other airborne materials that make riding a vehicle unpleasant; including smell in the vehicle. This makes is a vital element that should be constantly functional.

When you notice reduced airflow through your climate control system or when you smell a persistent bad odour, these are signs that you need a new cabin air filter. Similarly, ensure a regular check on your air filter just to be safe.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Windshield wipers should be an overlooked part of your car system just because it is not part of your engine. If your wipers are not working properly, it is extremely hazardous, especially during the raining season. Faulty wiper blades can smear your windshield thereby hampering visibility.

Once you notice the following, know that your windshield wipers need to be changed.

  • Streaking on the glass
  • Screeching sound when wipers operate
  • Wiper blades bounce as they operate

Replacing wiper blades is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers every six months.

Never the less, it is always smart to plan and be proactive about replacing your windshield wiper blades.

Bulbs Replacement

Automotive lights are for basically two reasons; security and communications. Your headlights and tail lamps ensure security when driving on the road and ensuring that oncoming vehicle sees you. When these bulbs are not functioning it means lives are at risk both for the oncoming vehicle and the driver himself. Being a responsible driver requires that we also make the roads safe for other motorists.

Once your bulbs are faulty, replace immediately with genuine bulbs. Check our service stations for original bulbs.


The brake system of your vehicle is by far the most important safety system you cannot do without. Inefficient and bad brakes endanger both the driver, the occupants of the vehicle and other road users, especially in a panic/stop situation.

Squealing sound or grinding when your car comes to a stop are indications that your brakes need urgent attention.

Ensure your brakes are regularly inspected by trusted AutoFast professionals.

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